The Mayor values citizen input on this very important decision and has asked that constituents answer the following questions to help with the selection process.

* 1. Please indicate your level of support for the following areas of the Mayor’s selection criteria for a new Minneapolis Chief of Police:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree No Opinion
Maintaining Public Safety. The number-one job of the Chief and every police officer is to keep Minneapolis safe.
Strong Leader. The Chief must hold officers accountable, reward exceptional performers and deliver immediate consequences for unacceptable behavior.
Strong Manager. The $100 million police budget needs innovative, efficient management with measurable outcomes.
Demand respectful, consistent service in all communities. This includes aggressively diversifying the department.
Visible leader who builds partnerships with the community. The Chief and the force he commands should empower all members of the community who want to continue to build a safer city.

* 2. Please rank the five proposed criteria in order of importance to you with one being the most important and five being the least.

  1 Most Important 2 3 4 5 Least Important
Maintaining Public Safety
Strong Leader
Strong Manager
Demand Respectful, consistent service in all communities
Visible leader who builds partnerships with the community

* 3. Any additional comments on how you ranked the criteria?

* 4. What additional criteria do you think should be used to select a new Minneapolis Police Chief?

* 5. Thank you for calling and sharing your thoughts about the search for the next police chief. Would you like to leave your name and contact information?