1. ReadyNurse Employee Evaluation

100% of survey complete.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide your facility with our nursing personnel. In order for us to provide you with the highest quality personnel possible we ask that you complete this brief Service Evaluation so that we can monitor the performance of our employee’s.

* 1. ReadyNurse Employee Name and Discipline:

* 2. Client Name and Name of Representative Completing Evaluation:

* 3. Please rate our employee’s relationships with coworkers, subordinates (if applicable) and supervisors.

* 4. Please rate our employee’s patient service skills.

* 5. Please rate our employee’s work attitude.

* 6. Please rate the quantity and quality of work generated by the applicant.

* 7. Please rate our employee’s skill level with your computer system.

* 8. Please rate your overall assessment of our employee.

* 9. Would you use this clinician again?

* 10. Would you like this employee to have Preferred Status at your location?