Dear Colleague:

Thank you for downloading the Outcomes Measurement Teaching Modules from the Rehabiliation Measures Database (rehabmeasures.org). This follow-up survey is designed to assess the extent to which you used the modules and how well learning objectives were met. This survey should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

In this survey you will be asked to rate the extent to which each of the four modules have met their stated learning objectives. Links to each of the modules will be provided. Feel free to refer to the modules while completing this survey. Please also review the speaker notes included in each of the slides. On the next page, a consent document explaining your rights as a research participant will be provided. If you have questions about the consent process, this survey or the objectives of this project, please contact Jason Raad at jraad@ric.org or at 312-238-7548.

Thank you for your feedback!


Project PI: Allen Heinemann

Project Co-PI: Carolyn Baum

Project Co-PI:Joy Hammel