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Welcome! Thank you for choosing to take this survey.
Survey Goals: To better understand the school climate across New York State for LGBTQ+ students in a pandemic-time learning environments. Specifically, we will ask about:
  • Demographic information
  • Your school environment + in-school resources
  • Harassment / bullying in school
  • Disciplinary actions by the school
  • Your home environment
  • Resources you know of outside of schools that are supporting LGBTQ+ students during the pandemic
How the Data Will Be Used:
All responses will remain completely anonymous. Data will be analyzed collectively as a whole, and we will not evaluate individual answers. That said, we want to emphasize at the outset that almost every question is optional.
The data we collect and analyze will help policy advocates, attorneys, school administrators, and various providers to better serve and support LGBTQ+ students across New York.
Time to Complete: This survey will take approximately 20–30 minutes.

Authors + Contact Info:
This survey is hosted by the Law Office of Milo Primeaux, Esq., and is co-authored by Milo Primeaux, Esq. (he/they) and legal intern Christina Paek (she/her), a 3L law student at Boston University School of Law. This survey does not meet the definition of "research" under 45 CFR 46.102(l), which means it does not require IRB oversight or approval.
For more information, please contact us at 

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