Winnipeg Police Board Survey 2024

1.Are you aware that the Winnipeg Police Board provides civilian governance and oversight of the Winnipeg Police Service?
2.Are you aware that the Winnipeg Police Board meets every three months in public and delegations are invited to attend and speak to reports on the Agenda?
3.Are you aware that a multi-year strategic plan is developed by the Winnipeg Police Board in collaboration with the Winnipeg Police Service and is reviewed on an annual basis?
4.Have you read the 2024 Strategic Plan Update?
5.If yes, do you think that the public interest is reflected and that the strategic plan incorporates the community's needs and values within its objectives, goals and tactics?
6.If no, would you be willing to attend a virtual presentation to talk about how your community is represented within the strategic plan?
7.Are there any other strategic directions for the plan goals that you would like to see included? Please provide the goal from the list below and your comments.
8.Are there any comments you would like to share with the Winnipeg Police Board?