Introduction - What It's All About

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This questionnaire is concerned with your own personal perceptions of the goals, activities and results of your organisation's public relations.

Its principal purpose is to help us improve what we do for you. it models and addresses key issues in contemporary PR. And it's independently designed and administered on our behalf by a former senior practitioner and agency chairman (now academic at Bucks University and Henley Business school).

Your help will be truly invaluable. We'll be delighted to reciprocate by providing a summary/presentation of key findings and implications - customised for your organisation.

Please note:

1. Your 'organisation' means all private, public or third-sector entities.

2. Your 'PR function' means both your in-house department AND your PR consultancy (OR either if only one).

3. AND don't worry if you have only part- or limited responsibility or only a limited view (say of activity in one area). Your approach will be valid. It's your perceptions that count and not some absolute judgement.

In most cases, you need only check the box which best reflects your opinion or action. There are six main sections and the whole should take around 15 minutes.

If you have any queries about the conduct of this survey please telephone EML Wildfire director, Debby Penton, on 0208 408 8000. And thanks in advance.