* 1. Do you feel there is a need to preserve open space and natural areas in Oakham?

* 2. How important is it to you to preserve:

  least important less important important very important most important
Buildings of historical or architectural value
Wetlands, water bodies, and aquifers to protect and preserve our water supply
Open spaces to meet our active recreational needs
Open space for natural beauty or passive recreation

* 3. To preserve Open Space in town, would you:

  yes no not sure
Donate money to buy land
Rewrite your deed to  limit future development of your land
Sell or contribute a conservation restriction to protect your land from future development
Contribute some land to the town or the state or a land trust
Sell land to the town at fair market value
Vote for a town-supported land acquisition program

* 4. What Town or State actions do you favor to preserve open space?

* 5. Are you satisfied with the  recreational places available in town?

  Yes No Not sure
for children?
for teens?
for adults?

* 6. Please check the top five recreational facilities you feel are needed or need upgrades:

* 7. Are there properties or natural features in Oakham which you feel are worthy of preservation and which should be in public ownership or private conservation? (Please use the space provided to list the areas)

* 8. How often do you visit the following for recreation?

  Never 1 - 5 visits/year 5 - 10 visits/year 10 - 15 visits/year 15+ visits/year
Oakham Town Common Bandstand
Wright Memorial Field
Oakham Center School Field
Skating Rink
Town Beach at Lake Dean
Rail Trail
Town Cemeteries
Hiking, snowshoeing, & skiing trails
Public access to ponds, lakes, streams

* 9. What type of business would you like to see in Oakham?

* 10. Many cities and towns have adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA). This is a community and state sponsored program that sets aside funds for historic preservation, acqusition of open space, low income housing, and recreational areas. Projects in some towns include renovated/restored historic buildings and documents, preserved open space and historic landscapes, and preliminary plans for elderly housing. Would you support adoption of the Community Preservation Act by Oakham voters? (To learn more, go to CPA.gov)