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* 1. Solar energy systems continue to decrease in price each year, and now residential systems can pay back in as little as 7 years. As solar energy becomes more affordable, more residents are interested in installing solar panels on their house.

However, Pleasant Ridge's zoning prohibits solar panels on the front side of houses, where they are visible from the street. This is a problem for nearly half of our residents because most of our streets run east and west. If your house is on the north side of the street, the only good place to put solar panels is on the side of the house that faces the street. Our zoning standards prohibit nearly half of our residents from installing a solar energy system.

At this time, the City is re-examining our solar energy system regulations to decide if we should allow them to be installed where they are visible from the street. This survey is intended to gauge public interest in this topic to help the Planning and City Commissions as they consider this matter.

Please indicate which of the following statements you most agree with:

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* 2. All-black solar panels are now readily available, and are considered by some to be less obtrusive or noticeable than the traditional solar panels with silver-colored grid materials.

All-Black Panel Example:
All black panels

Traditional Solar Panel Example:

If Pleasant Ridge allows solar panels on the sides of houses that are visible from the street, should we require that only all-black panels may be used?

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* 3. Is there anything else you want to share with us regarding residential solar panels?