* 1. Do you have a Facebook account?

* 2. Do you have a Twitter account?

* 3. If you do, did you have a Twitter account before the events of 25th January 2011?

* 4. During the political events in Egypt what did you use as a primary source of up to date information on events?

* 5. Did you notice a difference in your social media browsing habits before and after Jan 25?

* 6. If yes, which of these sites did you start accessing more:

* 7. Comparing your activity on Facebook vs. Twitter, which did you find yourself accessing more often during the political events in Egypt?

* 8. Which of the two was a better source of information?

* 9. What is your primary language on the web?

* 10. Did you follow the news on social media in both Arabic and English during the political events to get more up to date information?