As many of our members will be aware TSSA have been involved in discussions with Translink following an industrial dispute arising from the 2016 pay award.

Since 2016 TSSA and Translink have engaged in constructive talks to address equality and parity within successive pay awards and to resolve the outstanding issues from the 2016 dispute around fairness within the MPT grade.

An such TSSA have been involved in negotiations with the company to consolidate Performance Related Pay into basic salary on a permanent basis at the rate of 12.5%.

TSSA have widely consulted on this issue at both local representative and branch levels with the feedback being widely supportive of the general approach of the union and of the proposal itself.

TSSA have now received a formal offer from the company (please see accompanying attachment) setting their proposal on the consolidation of PRP moving forward and TSSA are asking our members to vote in a referendum with their response.

TSSA believe that the consolidation of PRP is a good result for our members as it creates security and certainty on take home pay and should lead to more productive and transparent discussions on performance.

We are therefore recommending to our members that the offer of PRP consolidation is accepted.

The referendum will close at noon on Friday 23rd January 2020.

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