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we  invite you to participate in this important survey, part of the "Prosper BSR" project, co-funded by the INTERREG BSR Programe of European Union. This initiative is dedicated to supporting the integration of Ukrainian refugees into the European labor market. Your insights and experiences are invaluable to us in shaping effective strategies and programs.

Your Participation Matters
By sharing your thoughts, you contribute directly to the development of solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of many. Whether you're seeking employment, currently employed, or an employer, your perspective is crucial in understanding the unique challenges and needs in this journey.

Privacy and Anonymity
Please rest assured that your responses will be completely anonymous. We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your answers.

A Few Minutes of Your Time
The survey consists of few multiple-choice questions and should take only a short time to complete.

Thank You for Your Contribution
Your voice matters, and your participation is a step towards building a stronger, more inclusive community. As a thank you, we will send out 3x50 EUR voucher give aways. If you want to participate you can leave a contact email at the end. It will solely be used for this.

Question Title

* 1. In which country are you currently located or is your institution located (please choose from dropdown Menu)?

Question Title

* 2. Please identify your role. This will be relevant for the following questions.