The City of San José seeks to provide support for older adults who need or desire programs and services delivered at community centers and other City operated locations. We know that the needs and interests of older adults are changing, and we want to provide services and programs to respond to these changes. Because resources are limited, we want to identify the highest priority needs of the older adult community, and we are seeking your help.

Please tell us a little about what is important to you. Your feedback will help the City of San José to develop programs and services that respond to older adults’ needs and interests-now and in the future.

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* 1. As we grow older, we are faced with different challenges. What challenges or concerns do you have in your life today? (Check degree of concern)

  Not Much Concerned Somewhat Concerned Very Concerned
Being alone
Connecting with my family or friends
Having a social life
Shopping for food and other necessities
Transportation to doctor or other services or programs
Using the internet, smartphones, or other technology
Getting information I want about services and programs
Managing health conditions
Caring for myself
Caring for spouse or others
Getting enough exercise
Fear of falling
Having enough money to live comfortably
Taking care of my finances
Applying for government benefits
Finding housing
Legal problems
Maintenance and care of my home

* 2. Looking ahead, what programs or services do you think you may need to help you to live well and independently: (Check degree of need)

  Not Much Needed Somewhat Needed Most Needed
Comprehensive source of information on available services and programs
Using or keeping up with technology
Help in paying for or finding housing
Obtaining health care or caregiver assistance at home
Transportation to doctors or other activities
Caregiving for myself or others
Continuing to exercise
Assistance with finances or accessing government benefits
Advice in filing taxes
Help with home maintenance or adaptations
Help with legal issues

* 3. In the past year, have you participated in any classes, meals, events, or other activities at a community center, senior center, or senior program in San José?