Excellence Award Information

This award nomination is for NAYGN Excellence awards, for service or activities performed in the First Quarter of 2022
(Jan 1st through March 31, 2021).  This award is given to individuals or groups who have put in significant effort to accomplish NAYGN’s mission.  Nominations for this award are open through April 29th, 2022.
Excellence award winners will be announced via the NAYGN member announcements and website, and awards will be mailed directly to recipients. 
For questions or more information, please visit www.naygn.org/committees/awards, or contact awards@naygn.org

This award honors an individual for his/her dedicated service to the NAYGN in one or many of the following ways (not limited to):

• Exceptional performance, effective leadership, committed service and enthusiasm in general

• Distinguished service in developing/conducting public education programs on contributions of nuclear science and technology to society.

• Successful leadership and devoted service contributing to the successful operation of NAYGN local chapters

• Provided avenues to enhance recruiting and retention of young professionals in the field of nuclear science and technology

• Provided professional development opportunities for NAYGN members.

• Played a key role in representing the interests of young nuclear professionals within the industry at industry gatherings and international conferences.

• Assisted in the developing innovative ways for exchange of information between generations of nuclear professionals

• Informing and educating the younger generation (high school, university, etc.) about nuclear science and engineering

• Unique act(s) that is/are aimed in attaining the objectives of NAYGN