Explanation of Process

Access Statement
If you need assistance with submitting an application, please refer to our Access Statement (below) or text Dianne at 503-823-8831. You can also contact staff at the EPCO office by stopping by 1017 NE 117th Ave / Portland, OR 97220 on Tuesday – Thursday; 1PM – 5PM in January 2021.

The Office of Community & Civic Life (Civic Life) connects Portlanders and city government to build inclusive, safe, and livable communities.

To request translation, interpretation, modifications, accommodations, or other auxiliary aids or services, contact 503-823-4000, Relay: 711.

To request an ADA accommodation for this furniture donation project, please Dianne Riley at dianne.riley@portlandoregon.gov or Lishao Chen at lishao.chen@portlandoregon.gov .

Great News!
The Office of Community & Civic Life has great news to share and an opportunity for community groups. Civic Life has consolidated and moved into the Portland Building downtown. The recent Portland Building renovations included desks and décor that facilitates a more holistic work environment for both City staff and members of the community meeting them in their offices. This has meant that Civic Life’s office furniture and supplies from City Hall are no longer needed and can be donated to communities through an equitable and fair process that identifies those in need and those prepared to receive furnishing—while supplies last!*

For more on the Portland Building renovation please click here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/omf/66129

Eligibility for Participation
In partnership with the Office of Management and Finance (OMF), we are inviting groups to apply for this furniture donation event. To be eligible to participate in this new year furniture donation event you must be a community group working in or serving the people of Portland. Any group (whether formally recognized by government or not) can participate but must be prepared to demonstrate that they have been in existence for at least 6 weeks prior to the launch of this application. Dated emails or postmarked mail with your organization’s name is an easy way to show that you’ve been in existence for at least 6 weeks. They must also be prepared to demonstrate and document their service to people of Portland (at any scale) during the time of their existence. Again, email or written communication that the group feels comfortable sharing that shows service is acceptable, or any formal documents of incorporation. There are a variety of ways you might demonstrate your service so feel free to be creative. We will talk it through with you. Mutual Aid Associations, informal community groups and non-profits serving disability communities, houseless populations, Youth and/or BIPOC communities are encouraged to apply. All are welcome!
The SurveyMonkey will serve as the application

The online application will be used to register participants and simultaneously provide a means for Civic Life to prioritize those in greatest need of support, and those serving and/or representing underserved communities (either historically and/or currently underserved). These communities include but are not limited to disability communities, communities experiencing houseless-ness, youth communities and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Everyone who registers and meets the basic “Eligibility for Participation” (above) will be listed to participate and contacted to schedule a time for furniture selection.

Items Currently Available and *While Supplies Last!
Civic Life has a number of chairs, couches, love seats, lamps, tables, various resources for community offices such as appliances and toys to occupy children while adults meet. Our process is designed intentionally to serve community groups most in need first, as well as those representing underserved communities in their leadership and mission. We will prioritize these groups first, but any group that meets the “Eligibility for Participation” requirement above will be registered and listed to participate. Participants will be scheduled to come make their selections from available supplies and while those items last. If a group is looking for a particular item, they can ask about its availability (i.e. “we are interested in a mini-toaster oven”) at the time of scheduling their selection visit. If that item is not available, they are free to pass on scheduling a selection visit.

Schedule and selection of furniture (items)
In order to successfully receive items during this donation process, participants must be prepared to:

1) Schedule a time (Monday - Friday between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) to come by the EPCO Office at 1017 NE 117th Ave / Portland, OR 97220 and select up to three items. Our EPCO staff will reach out to you to schedule that time and discuss your access needs, if you have any.
Monday through Friday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) are our preferred times for scheduling, however we are open to other times and will have a list of current openings when we contact participants to schedule selection and pick-up.

2) Please remember to bring and wear a mask upon arrival. Once items have been selected, they must be picked up and hauled away by the participant within 48-hours of selection. It is the responsibility of participating groups and organizations to haul items. EPCO staff may be able to assist with loading, but please let us know before you come to pick-up so that we are properly prepared. If items are not picked-up during this 48-hour window, they will be given back to the furniture donation process or connected to those on a waiting list for that item.
Participants may receive more than 3 items in the following fashion:

a) There will be additional office supplies (such as brochure holders, organizer baskets, etc.) and small items available to pick up on site during selection which are in addition to the list of furniture donation items. Participants must take these items they select immediately and as available. They will not be held for 48-hours.

b) In addition, participants can take a 4th furniture donation item if they are on a waiting list for it. They must be prepared to pick that item up within 24-hours of receiving notification by EPCO staff. Otherwise, it will we returned to the donation process or moved to the next waiting list participant.

Finally, participants will be scheduled according to priority based on:

• Whether the group is at least 50% led by members of underserved or under-represented communities
• Whether the group is serving and/or empowering member of underserved or under-represented communities
• Whether the group makes the case for need

The donation process will operate ongoing until all items have been donated, or until all participants have been given the opportunity to schedule time for selection and pick-up, whichever comes first.

Here are some pictures of the furniture. Please keep in mind that they are based on first come first served. Furniture Pictures

Participants are asked to fill out this SurveyMonkey.
Application Questions (* indicates required responses)

Question Title

* 1. Name of Organization

Question Title

* 2. DBA (Doing Business As) if Different from Name of Organization

Question Title

* 3. Contact Person's Name 

Question Title

* 4. Contact person's phone

Question Title

* 5. Contact person's email

Question Title

* 6. What is your group's purpose? 

Question Title

* 7. How long has your group been in existance?

Question Title

* 8. Please briefly share the story of why you need support and how you hope to use the items being donated to community from Portland’s Office of Community & Civic Life.

Question Title

* 9. Is your group or organization at least 50% led by people with disabilities, people who are or have been houseless, youth and/or BIPOC individuals? And are you prepared to demonstrate this as fact? Check Yes or No

Question Title

* 10. If there are other communities represented in group’s leadership, please name those communities here:

Question Title

* 11. Does your group or organization serve or empower people with disabilities, people who are or have been houseless, youth and/or BIPOC individuals? And are you prepared to demonstrate this as fact?  Check: Yes or No

Question Title

* 12. If there are other communities that your group serves and/or empowers, please name those communities here:

*Please check boxes:

Question Title

* 13. I have read and I understand that I will need to schedule time to come select up to three (3) items from the Civic Life furniture give-away.

Question Title

* 14. I have read and I understand that I will need to organize pick-up of my selected items within 48-hours of selecting them or forfeit them.