SGCDC Vision 2031 survey

This survey is being done by the Souris & Glenwood Community Development Corporation to engage the community and get direction  for planning and development over the next 10 years and beyond. Help us make Souris the best place to live, work and visit based on your vision!

In 2000 there were visioning exercises done in the community for Vision 2020 and as a result many new ideas came forward. The SGCDC was able to support things like the skatepark, a new pool, hotel and active adult complex, campground expansion and fire hall along with the amalgamation of the Town of Souris and Municipality of Glenwood to name a few!! 

No idea is too big or too small.  Short term and long term goals are needed. We will use the new ideas provided by participants to shape the new vision! 

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* 1. What makes Souris a great place to live or visit? What are our strengths? What makes you want to visit or live here? (Examples: location, things to see/do, camping, schools, tourism ideas, housing, community)

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* 2. What are some disadvantages for Souris? Identify some weaknesses. (Examples: location, jobs, crime, housing, business opportunities, taxes, etc.)

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* 3. What can be improved upon and/or added into our community? (Examples: recreation/activities, greenspace, envrionmental issues, business opportunities, etc.)

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* 4. What would you like to see Souris look like in 10-20 years without restrictions? This can be large or small visions. Anything from retail/dining options to active living options, environmental issues to education opportunities, housing and healthcare.  Big dreams - small dreams, tell us your thoughts, the sky's the limit! 

Where would you work, how would you get there?
What kind of house would you live in? In town vs out of town, large lot vs condo, stand alone vs apartment? 
Where would you shop, how would you get there?
What kind of energy sources would you use to heat & power your home, fuel your vehicle? 
What would you and your family do when you are not at work/school? 

All the ideas and thoughts collected from the public at large will be used to shape the new vision for the next 10, 20, plus years.

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* 5. All the information and ideas you share will be kept in confidence. Data will be shared as generic input with grouped results to the Vision 2031 Commitee and the SGCDC. If you would like to participate or host an in person Vision 2031 exercise please leave your contact information or contact Echo Finlay 204-741-0631.

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