Thank you for your interest in the Pre-CCW Class
This class is highly recommended for anyone interested in obtaining their CCW and is going to take the advance 2 day Personal Protection Outside the Home Course CCW course with AllSafe Defense.
If you have limited or no experience working from a holster, are not confident in your gun handling or need a to brush up on safety this class is designed for you. No live fire in class. You must have a gun and holster to participate.
This class is 3 hours long
Cost: $60 per person- cash, check or CC

You will need to bring:
• Your firearm of choice
• Belt
• Holster
• Belt mount magazine holder
• 2 magazines or speed loaders
• Cover garment (shirt or jacket)
Flash Light (optional)

Topics covered with discussion and hands on work:

• CCW Mind Set 
• Defensive Tactics
• Firearms Safety 
• Drawing your gun from a holster
• Drawing from concealment
• Holster draw commands
• Range commands
• How to clear gun stoppages
• How to change magazines both tactical and speed reloads
• Proper use of speed loaders for revolvers
• Using a flashlight and your gun

NO LIVE ammunition in class.

1. Select your date for training