1. PRE Instructor Workshop Assessment

Welcome! This assessment is to help us understand the usefulness of the Instructor's program. There are no right or wrong answers. Completing it will help us assess how this program is effective or not in teaching basic internet skills.

We have three basic buckets of questions: Your general skills and know-how, how to teach, and accessing resources.

* Contact Information

Please write down the EXACT way you entered your name above... as you will need to duplicate this spelling at the end of the workshop...

* Date of Train-the-Trainer Class

Below we ask several kinds of questions. Some that assess your current skills or knowlege, several about your ability to teach, and others that are general. Please check the word(s) that best indicates your CURRENT LEVEL of knowledge and/or skills in each of the following areas

* Adult learning needs and interests

* Learner variation and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

* Purpose and need for more broadband access

* Team facilitation of instruction

* Your confidence in TEACHING how to Identify relevant online resources for adults

* Your confidence in TEACHING the use of online searches to access and share resources

* Your confidence in TEACHING the use of search engines to find various types of information

* Your confidence in TEACHING email usage and the various email functions

* Your confidence to ORGANIZE and TEACH a project so students can use their skills to explore, search, evaluate content, and communicate using the internet.

* How to support students with differing physical needs (limited motion, hearing, vision, etc.)

* How to support students with differing learning needs (reading problems, learning disabilities, etc.)

* How to support students with differing communication needs (ELL, deaf, Asperger's, Autism, etc.)

* How to schedule a digital literacy training at a site?

* How to find materials & tools necessary for digital literacy training

Thank you for taking this Preliminary Instructor Workshop Assessment!