The City of Prescott is requesting your assistance!

Please provide us assistance in gathering data to be used in the preparation of a new Airport Master Plan for Prescott Municipal Airport / Ernest A Love Field.  Accurate information from people in the Prescott / Yavapai County area who may use the airport is essential to the success of the planning program.  

Please complete this short survey as completely and accurately as possible. We estimate it should take you less than five minutes to do so.  Thank you for your assistance!

1. What is your Zip Code? (Example: 86301)

2. Please list the number of times you used the following airports when taking an airline flight during the 2015 time period.  DO NOT ENTER ZEROS! :

3. If/when you used airports other than Prescott Municipal Airport, what is your method of travel to and from the airport?  (Select all that apply)

4. During calendar year 2015, what was the percentage of your travel that was related to Business versus Pleasure? (Provide percentages - Must total 100!)

5. Do you believe that you will travel via the airlines more or less during calendar year 2016? (Use the slider to enter a percentage of change.)

Less than 2015 No Change
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

6. In your opinion, what are the three most important improvements related to airline service that should be made at the Prescott Municipal Airport?

7. Please provide any additional information that you believe may be helpful in the preparation of the Airport Master Plan.

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100% of survey complete.