Background and Instructions

This tool can be used to help identify your organization’s readiness to support implementation of PRAPARE and use PRAPARE data to address social determinants of health.

Instructions for Use

The PRAPARE project is a major undertaking and leadership is needed to carry out its implementation effectively. As you assess your readiness, be honest about the general state of affairs within your current community health center context. 

You can use this tool and its results in several ways:
-  Bring it to a leadership team and/or staff meeting to discuss your results and organizational readiness to implement.
-  Use the results to guide the development of your implementation timeline and identify opportunities for improvement.
-  Have a facilitator use it to rate your leadership team's meeting after a group discussion regarding readiness. Additionally, a facilitator can help health center staff discuss the results of the readiness assessment.
-  Use the results to assess training and technical assistance needs. Note: MNACHC can assist with these needs!

How the scoring works:
For this online assessment survey, the scoring for each question is based on a point scale from 0 to 3. MNACHC will gather results and provide health centers with your average scores for each of the four readiness areas. Additionally, MNACHC will provide health centers with relevant resources based on your assessment scores.

Results from this assessment may suggest the need for organizational development prior to undertaking the PRAPARE project. Furthermore, the results may help guide your implementation work plan. As you work to implement PRAPARE, MNACHC can help your health center in reviewing your health center's results and support your implementation process through training and technical assistance.
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