This profile is being developed as a tool for digitizing premodern manuscripts. In working with various individuals and groups to digitize these materials, we believe there is a need for a simple application profile to help novices in premodern manuscripts and novices in metadata which would allow users to properly describe their digital materials using existing descriptions, and with enough fields to flesh those descriptions out when time and research allow. To view the table of elements as a PDF, please click here :

* 1. Please answer the questions based upon the table.

  strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
The number of fields is adequate for description of premodern manuscripts
The choice of fields reflects the needs of scholars and/or professional standards for description
The application profile appears to be clear and easy to use
The application profile would be appropriate for my needs in describing and locating digital material

* 2. Do you have experience with any of the following materials and/or cataloging standards:

* 3. I am a

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