Welcome to the Professional Reflexology Association's Client Reflexology Survey 2017!

The survey is 100% anonymous, and should only take a couple of minutes. We have made it as easy to answer the questions as possible, and the results will be invaluable to help us ascertain how reflexology is seen by the public in 2017. Oh, and there is an optional text box at the bottom for anything extra you might want to tell us!

If you are a reflexologist, please do not complete this survey!
NOTE: once you have finished the survey, the next page will ask you for your Email address - this is not us, so just ignore it - once you hit "DONE" at the bottom of this page, you are finished :-)

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* 3. Gender:

* 4. Do you know if your reflexologist is qualified?

* 5. If yes and you are in the UK, are you aware of which level of qualification?

* 6. Do you know if your reflexologist is insured?

* 7. Which of these best describes your understanding of reflexology?

* 8. When you have treatment, do you prefer to visit:

* 9. Which best describes how often you have reflexology?

* 10. How much on average do you spend on reflexology per visit?
(In £/Euros/Dollars etc)

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 11. If visiting a reflexologist for specific condition(s) has, in your opinion, reflexology helped your condition?

* 12. If yes, for which specific condition(s) has, (in your opinion), reflexology helped you?

* 13. The Professional Reflexology Association’s aim is to constantly improve standards in reflexology. If you have time, please let us know anything you feel would be a useful to this survey. Any thoughts, comments or experiences welcome (we would love to hear them!)

A big thank you from the Professional Reflexology Association for completing our survey. Your answers will help our Members to give you the best possible service in the future.

Martyn Finke, Director
Professional Reflexology Association