The Matthew Tree Project is a Bristol charity that provides food aid and welfare services at the Food PLUS Network, formerly called FoodStores, in South Bristol for people who cannot afford to feed their families for a period of time. The local Brislington Food PLUS Centre is based at The Carmel Christian Centre on the Bath Road. We are now looking at setting up a new community project in Brislington called:


This online questionnaire is about finding out what you think of our proposal to create a "Community Park, Market Gardening Business and Skills Training Centre" at The Rock in Brislington with services and activities for local families to enjoy. The Rock is the land behind Allison Avenue sloping down to Brislington Brook alongside the woodland walk, and the name of this project is FOODTURES.

FOODTURES COMMUNITY PARK will include a nature woodland walk, a play area for children, a café, an outdoor community amphitheatre for local arts performances, a picnic area, a choice of short gardening courses, and lots of opportunities for volunteering. There will also be training available in woodland management and environmental conservation so that there are plenty of courses to choose from.

The MARKET GARDEN will be a horticultural business, training people who need help to find work, mostly people who use The Matthew Tree Project FoodStores and have not worked for a long time. Everything grown at The Rock will be sold to cover the costs, and some of the fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables will be processed into jams, chutneys or relishes at local Community Kitchens that we are setting up across Bristol, including one in Brislington.

SKILLS TRAINING with a difference. We will offer some standard college training programmes and apprenticeship placements at FOODTURES, but we are also going to design some new FOODTURE training schemes. Firstly we are asking food businesses and Community Growing Schemes in Bristol what skills they need to improve their enterprises, and secondly asking them to assist us in designing training courses that suit their needs. This will directly link the people we are training to the jobs that local businesses and community groups want to fill. For example, it might be training someone to set up a market place for community growers in local allotment or garden growing schemes to sell fresh fruit and vegetables, or providing people with the skills needed to run and deliver an online food distribution system for a business. The job/career prospects are considerable.

THE SURVEY – We would like to hear your comments and suggestions about our FOODTURES proposal.Please can you complete the following 7 questions, and 3 optional ones if you want to, to help us plan the project. Thank You.


Please tick any of the following community activities that appeal to you from the list below.

* 2. If you are interested in taking a short course at FOODTURES Community Park, please tick as many of the following subjects that interest you.

* 3. Do you agree that the FOODTURES Community Park Amenities described in the introduction will be good for people in the local area? Please tick one of the options below: