* 1. What body part do you most struggle with recovery?

* 2. What do you have trouble finding on the web that is Jiu Jitsu related? Products, clothing, techniques, advice etc.. Please be specific as to what you are looking to gain from the topic.

* 3. What other training do you do to supplement your Jiu Jitsu?

* 4. How have you adjusted your life to accommodate your Jiu Jitsu schedule?

* 5. Does your family or spouse support your Jiu Jitsu lifestyle?

* 6. How have you garnered support from people in your life that do not understand your Jiu Jitsu lifestyle?

* 7. What is your body type? Check all that apply.

* 8. What is your profession?

* 9. Nutritionally what is your biggest challenge?

* 10. How much money do you invest in your training, gear, competitions etc. per year? Please provide a breakdown as much as possible.

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