1. GHS Human Research Participant Survey:

100% of survey complete.

The purpose of this survey is to collect data to assess current effectiveness in the communication and protection of human research participants of clinical trials at GHS. This anonymous information will be used to gauge organizational performance.

* 1. I was given sufficient information from my study doctor about the risks/benefits of participating in the study.

* 2. I feel that the informed consent form was easy to understand.

* 3. I feel that the informed consent form gave me sufficient information about the study to make an informed decision.

* 4. I felt comfortable asking the study doctor questions about my participation in the study.

* 5. I felt the study staff was helpful.

* 6. I felt that other options for treatment were explained to me.

* 7. I felt that I could quit the study whenever I wanted to.

* 8. I believe details about my participation in this study will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.

* 9. I feel that costs to me about participation in the study were accurately described to me.

* 10. I was informed who to contact if I had questions about the study.