* 1. What is your organization's name?

* 2. Who is the primary contact, and what is their title? If the person completing this is someone different, please include your name and title as well. 

* 3. What is your mailing address? (include country if not US)

* 4. If different, enter your street address if you want it published.

* 5. What is the best phone number for The Greyhound Project to contact you?

* 6. If different, what is the best contact phone for potential adopters? (enter up to two numbers if you wish)

* 7. What is the best email address for us to reach you?  If different, enter the best email for adopters as well.  

* 8. What is your website address?

* 9. To which states and/or provinces do you adopt? Please include specifics, for example: "We adopt to Western New York, Northern Pennsylvania, and Ontario."

* 10. If you have reps that cover specific geographic areas, please enter the area, their name, and contact info (phone and/or email). For extended listings or to give us further details, email sarahn@adopt-a-greyhound.org.

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