* 1. You consider Foxborough to be best described as: (Please choose most appropriate answer.)

* 2. How important is it to you to preserve

  not at all important less important neutral important very important
buildings of historical or architectural interest
open space to meet water and conservation needs
open space to meet active recreational needs
open space to preserve wetlands
open space to preserve critical wildlife habitats

* 3. To provide recreation areas and/or preserve open spaces in town would you:

* 4. What Town actions do you favor to provide recreation areas and/or preserve open space?

* 5. What State actions do you favor to provide recreation areas and/or preserve open space?

* 6. Indicate your rating pertaining to the need for recreational facilities listed. (Please select the choice(s) you feel appropriate.)  

  Sufficient as is More are needed New facilities needed
Hiking Trails
Biking Trails
Cross country skiing trails
Children's playground
Baseball fields
Soccer fields
Football fields
Softball fields
Lacrosse fields
Basketball courts
Tennis courts
Family recreation area with facilities
Public swimming areas
Public access to water bodies
Boating and sailing
Kayaking or canoeing
Recreation center building
Dog walking area
Dog Park
Outdoor ice skating
Conservation areas/open space
Hunting Areas

* 7. How often do you visit the following areas per year for outdoor enjoyment/recreation?

  Never 1-4 5-10 10-14 15 or more
Harold B. Clark Town Forest
F. Gilbert Hills State Forest
Wolf Meadow
Cocasset River Recreation Area
Cocasset River Park
Canoe River Wilderness Area
Lane Property
Kersey Point
Sallie Property/Governor's Meadow
Oak Street Conservation Areas
Rumford River Greenbelt
Mechanic Street/Walden Farms Area
Hersey Farm
School Recreational Facilities
Town Common
Lakes and Ponds
Booth Playground
Skate Park
Payson Road Fields

* 8. To help us understand who has participated in this survey, please let us know the following (optional).
What is your zip code? Thank you!

* 9. What is your age?