1. Heritage in Schools Scheme - SCHOOL EVALUATION 2017

You have just had a visit from one of the Heritage in Schools Scheme Experts. Please complete this short evaluation form on that visit. Evaluations help us monitor and improve the Heritage in Schools Scheme and support our Heritage Experts.

* 1. School Name

* 2. County

* 3. School Roll No

* 4. Total number of children involved

* 5. Classes involved in the visit (tick all applicable)

* 6. Date of Visit

Date of Visit

* 7. Name of Heritage Specialist

* 8. During the visit did the Specialist work outdoors with the children?

* 9. Please rate the following:

  Excellent V.Good Good Fair Weak N/A
Prior information from the specialist
Structure/content of visit
Interaction between specialist and children
Children's response to visit
Materials used (if applicable)


* 11. Do you plan to facilitate further visits?

* 12. Would you recommend a similar visit to other schools?

* 13. Where did you hear about the Heritage in Schools Scheme?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation. Your school will be entered into a draw for a free visit. Please select DONE button to submit.