Nominations for the 2016 FSC Board of Directors Elections

Please, use this form to nominate a candidate for the FSC Board Election. You must be an active FSC member to submit a nomination. The election schedule is as follows:

The FSC 2016 Board Elections Schedule is as follows:

October 26 – Call for nominations
November 9 – Nominations close and record date (individuals must be members by this date in order to be eligible to vote in the election)
November 23 – Slate of nominees announced, election opens, ballots sent
December 14 – Election closes
December 15 – Results announced

Your participation is invaluable. If you have any questions regarding nominations or the election, please contact or (818) 348-9373

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* 2. Please enter nominations for FSC Board candidates; you must include name, company name and contact information for each nominee (telephone number and email). Candidates must be active FSC members, and you may nominate as many as you like.