A Message from the NILG

Dear Local ILG Chairs and Members:

The Veteran Employment and Training Services (VETS), one of the NILG Board’s strategic alliances, would like ILG members’ feedback on the recent 4212 filing process.  With the transition to the VETS 4212 Report and the reduction in the categories collected to a simple “protected veteran” category, the collection process was modified this year to gather the new data.  There were a few challenges, mostly with respect to batch filing and system capacity, that arose and were resolved during the filing period.  VETS, however, is wondering how the process went for contractors.

VETS hopes that the overall experience has improved from previous years and that the amount of time to complete the reports was reduced; but, it is important for VETS to hear from you. In addition, VETS would also like to hear how they might improve the form going forward.

The NILG would appreciate your time and effort to provide your survey responses regarding your 4212 filing experience by Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

Thank You