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Informed Consent for On-Line Survey

You are being asked to participate in a research study that is being conducted by Edna Cadmus PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Maria LoGrippo PhD, MSN, RN and Maria Brennan, DNP, RN, CPHQ,  who are members of the New Jersey Action Coalition (NJAC).  By participating and beginning the survey, you acknowledge that you have read this information and agree to participate in this research.  Your participating is voluntary and you are free to withdraw your participation at any time without penalty.

Purpose of the study:
The purpose of this survey is to collect baseline data for the number and type of boards nurses (LPN, RN, APN) are sitting on within the state of NJ.  Boards are defined as: “ a group of person appointed and /or elected to govern the strategic affairs of an organization with voting and fiduciary accountability.” We are opening this survey up to 120,000 nurses in NJ.

What will be done?
You will complete a survey which will take 10 minutes.  The survey includes questions about your participation on boards including hospital boards, community/civic boards, school boards or others.  We expect the study to last about 3 months.  Participation in this study is voluntary.  The only alternative to this study is not to participate.

Risks or discomforts:
There are no risks anticipated from taking part in this study.  If you feel uncomfortable with a question, you can skip that questions or withdraw from the study altogether.  If you decide to quit at any time before you have finished the questionnaire your answers will NOT be recorded.

Benefits of this study:
There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this study.  You will be contributing to us understanding how many nurses are on boards and the types of boards they serve on.

This survey is confidential.  We will not be able to identify you.  Data will be destroyed after we analyze the data.   SurveyMonkey will be used to store the study related data.  Only the researchers and data analyst will have access to the data.

There will be no compensation for taking this survey.

Your participation is voluntary; you are free to withdraw your participation from this study at any time.  If you do not want to continue, you can simply leave this website.  If you do not click on the ‘submit’ button at the end of the survey, your answers and participation will not be recorded.  You also may choose to skip any questions that you do not wish to answer.  If you do not answer all the questions, however, we will not be using the data.

How the finding will be used:
The results of the study will be used to help us identify how we may expand the number of nurses on boards in the future.  The results from the study will be presented in aggregate and might be published in a peer reviewed journal.
Contact Information:
If you have concerns or questions about this research study, please contact the primary investigator, Edna Cadmus at 973-353-1428.  If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the IRB Director at 973-972-3608/Newark

 Thank you for your support and for taking the time to help us on this important work!