* 1. Overall, the Environmental Business & Funding Sources Conference was

* 2. This is the first year ACEC combined the Environmental Business Conference and Funding Sources Workshop into one dual-track seminar.  What are your thoughts on the format?

* 3. What are your general comments on how to improve the format for future years?

* 4. Please rank the opening speaker, Bruno Pigott, IDEM:

* 5. Please rank the environmental topics/ speakers:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A (attended other dual track session)
IUPUI/ EIWG Survey Results, Jamie Palmer
Fiscal Sustainability/ NPDES, Camille Meiners
Fort Wayne Asset Management Case Study, Ben Groeneweg
Citizens Energy Group Deep Rock Tunnel Update, Jessica Bastin
Citizens Energy Group Asset Management, Christina Bowers and Ryan Taylor
QBS: How to Promote it to Your Clients, Toby Church

* 6. Please rank the funding sources topics/ speakers:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A (attended other dual track session)
USDA/ RD Update, Rochelle Owen
OCRA Update, Matt Crouch
IFA/ SFR Update, Bill Harkins
USDA/ RD Online PER and Application with Real Examples, Marc Mason, Craig McGowan and Vince Sommers
ACEC Bottled Water Fee Initiative: From Concept to Reality, Mike Cline & Hans Peterson
ARRA Build American Bonds- Time to Refinance?  Use of TIF's, Scott Miller

* 7. Please rank the luncheon speaker, Tom Heikkinen, Madison Water Utility:

* 8. The location was:

* 9. ACEC Indiana should consider the following topics and/ or speakers for future seminars:

* 10. Please let us know any additional comments you have concerning the conference: