Luke Penman
My name is Luke Penman, and it’s my goal to get more people out to more gigs in South Australia. I launched play / pause / play radio 12 months ago thanks to support from 334 people in our first radiothon.

play / pause / play is an internet radio station, but it’s not radio as you know it. While the major radio stations in Adelaide are playing barely any local content - as little as 8% in some instances - play / pause / play is all about showcasing and celebrating local music, with a big focus on South Australian artists and artists performing here soon.

Rather than hosts, we invite artists to send in an Artist Message, giving the listener a background into the creative process and giving artists an opportunity to promote their Adelaide gigs to an engaged audience.

Using the play / pause / play app, you can listen to the radio stream and see gig info for recently-played songs. You can like and dislike songs to give feedback and keep track of your favourites, and listen to On Demand content like artist interviews and gig guides for Adelaide venues.

Over the past year, we’ve showcased music from more than 700 Aussie artists, including 241 South Australian artists, and had more than 2100 downloads of the play / pause / play app.

In July last year, we partnered with the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival, broadcasting new Aussie music to thousands of attendees, and in December we celebrated the best South Australian artists of 2018 with the Heaps Good 50 countdown, including more than 1100 public votes.

Looking forward to the next 12 months, I’ve already been planning more partnerships and content to help grow play / pause / play and help us to build a stronger and more-connected live music scene in Adelaide.

Whether you’re already a listener or this is the first time you’ve heard of play / pause / play, by completing this survey, you’ll be providing vital feedback on our progress so far and help us plan for the future.

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