Satisfaction Survey

* 1. What is your zip code?

* 3. What ethnic group do you belong to? 

* 4. Please rate your level of satisfaction of the following:

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The maintenance of the Nature Center trails: 
The maintenance of the Nature Center facilities:
Service from Nature Center staff: 
Quality of indoor exhibits: 
Quality of outdoor exhibits: 
Registration process for Nature Center programs you've attended: 
Satisfaction with the quality of Nature Center programs: 

* 5. Overall, what was your level of satisfaction with your experience at the Pioneers Park Nature Center? 

* 6. How often, on average do you visit the Nature Center 

* 7. What seasons do you visit the Nature Center?

* 8. Generally, when do you visit the Nature Center? 

* 9. Did the hours of operation meet your needs?

* 10. What is your primary reason for visiting the Nature Center?

* 11. Would you consider your use of the Nature Center to be for:

* 12. Which of these areas do you usually visit when you come to the Nature Center? 

* 13. In which of these kinds of programs have you or another member of your family participated? 

* 14. How do you find information about Nature Center programming? 

* 15. Comments/Other Feedback: