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Helping us prepare the community sector for whatever Brexit may bring

With Brexit on the horizon, a lot of focus in the media has been around the impact on business and the economy. However, the PPNs operating in the North West Region also realise that there are huge concerns among our community groups regarding the potential impact of Brexit on everyday life and, most importantly, your health and wellbeing.
The NWR PPN network is planning to host a post Brexit event for community groups which will focus on what has actually happened and how it is likely to affect both individuals and the community as they go about their everyday lives. In order to make this event as useful to you as possible, we want to first try and capture your real fears and concerns, everything from how this might affect access to medical care, will your daily commute be affected, will your group funding opportunities change, what the hit on your weekly shop might be or the effect, if any, on your social connections.
By letting us know this information, we can try to ensure that our Brexit event will respond to as many of your issues as possible, letting you know where your concerns were unfounded, where the implications of Brexit will affect you most and what you need to do about it.

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* 1. Please consider the below list of possible areas of concern with regard to Brexit and let us know if they are something you are worried about.

  Very concerned Slightly concerned Hadn't really thought about it I don't think it will be an issue - not concerned at all
Accessing cross border health care and adequate medicine supplies
Driving or public transport across the border
Funding available to community groups
Impact on buying essentials, both availability and price
Impact on education and access to 3rd Level Institutions
Accessing employment across the border
Financial institutions and Insurance
Mobile Phone Plans and Roaming
Consumer Rights for goods
Ease of visiting friends, family and other community groups across the border

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* 2. Please tell us about your specific concerns in relation to any (or all) of the above issues that you are most worried about

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* 3. If we have missed anything important, please tell us other concerns that the community has with regard to Brexit

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