* 1. What is the primary nature of your practice?

* 2. What percentage of your practice is in federal court?

* 3. How far must you travel to reach the federal courthouse?

* 4. On average, how far must your clients travel to reach the federal courthouse?

* 5. Has the physical location of the federal courthouse affected your ability to adequately represent your clients?

* 6. In your experience, do self-represented litigants have adequate assistance in Northern Arizona?

* 7. In your experience, is there adequate pro bono representation in Northern Arizona for indigent clients?

* 8. What are your/your clients’ biggest challenges, if any, in working in federal court from Northern Arizona?

* 9. What changes would you suggest that could better serve you and your Northern Arizona clients with regard to access to the federal court system?

* 10. If you could ask a federal judge (magistrate, bankruptcy, or district court) any question (that a judge can answer - no advisory opinions!), please ask it here.  Thank you.

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