* 1. What location did you visit with your pet?

* 2. Which oncologist took care of your pet today?

* 3. Did your appointment start on time?

* 4. Did your pet's oncologist clearly explain your pet's cancer, the treatment recommendations, and what would be happening at today's appointment?

* 5. Was your pet's oncologist professional and compassionate?

* 6. Were the technicians, assistants, and front office staff professional and compassionate? yes/no

* 7. Were you able to schedule your appointment for the day and time you preferred?

* 8. Were the hospital lobby, exam rooms, and restrooms clean and inviting?

* 9. Do our hours of operation meet your needs?

* 10. Were you given an estimate for the recommended services?

* 11. Is there anything we did today that you would like us to keep doing?

* 12. Is there anything we did today that could use improvement?

* 13. Would you like to be contacted about your comments? yes/no
If yes, please provide your name and phone number: