The ASSERT Database of Experts in Societal Security

Preliminary Survey

ASSERT is a European Commission funded research project designed to consolidate and develop contemporary thinking about how to assess and accommodate the social impacts of security research, policy and practice. A key element of the ASSERT project is to create a ‘body of experts’ with expertise in societal security and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice. This short Preliminary Survey is intended to help identify these experts.

Membership of the ASSERT database will provide opportunities to:

  • keep up to date with latest developments in societal security,
  • interact and share knowledge with other experts in societal security,
  • disseminate information about you own expertise, projects and products,
  • identify new research and collaborative opportunities,
  • participate in a fully funded certified Masterclass in societal security,
  • have access to latest tools and techniques for assessing the social impacts and consequences of security systems and practices, and
  • have access to research findings and recommendations emanating from the ASSERT project and other European Commission initiatives in this area.

To join the ASSERT database of Societal Security experts please complete the Preliminary Survey by clicking 'Next' below. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Participants in the ASSERT Database will include academics, practitioners, policy-makers, end-users, European Commission research evaluators and others working in the field of societal security. More information about the ASSERT project can be found on the ASSERT website, If you would like any further information about the project you are very welcome to contact the ASSERT Project Manager, Florian Fritz (