The Eagle Public Library is considering providing its cardholders with free access to the music-lending service Freegal. This service allows library users to download, at no cost, 3 songs each week from Freegal’s collection, which includes:

*Millions of songs from ten thousand labels (including the labels of Sony Music Entertainment)
*Tens-of-thousands of popular artists in hundreds of musical genres
*Easy-to-use website interface with no software to install
*Mp3 files that can be played on ANY device

All music downloaded would be yours to keep, forever; the songs do not expire.

* 1. After reading the description above, how interested are you in this service?

* 2. What would you like most about having downloadable music available at your Library?

* 3. What would you dislike about having downloadable music available at your Library?

* 4. Do you prefer music on CD or do you prefer to download music?

* 5. If you prefer music on CD, have you ever downloaded music?

* 6. If music were available today for download through your Eagle Public Library, how likely is it that you would use this service? (check one)