* 1. After hearing the webinar, do you feel that you are better informed about the challenges facing the college that has led to the re-positioning/rebranding effort?

* 2. Did the webinar inform and provide context on the place of the rebranding in the College's ongoing efforts to address our admissions challenges?

* 3. Is the alumni e-newsletter helpful in communicating the challenges facing the College?

* 4. What aspects of the re-positioning would you like to have explained in more detail?

* 5. How informative was Siegelvision’s description of their research and validation process?

* 6. Has Siegelvision left out or misunderstood anything essential in their analysis? (If so, please be specific.)

* 7. Rate each of the re-positioning strategies in terms of how helpful you believe it will be for admissions purposes:

  Extremely Helpful Helpful Neutral Unhelpful Extremely Unhelpful
Reframe the current emphasis on “the Books”
Reframe negative sounding “lack of choice” or “all-required” curriculum
Celebrate the value of two spectacular campuses
Infuse communications with a contemporary voice
Differentiate from other liberal arts colleges
Broaden criteria for potential students beyond “needle in the haystack”
Articulate relevance for a career
Clarify the benefit: Move from the what to the why

* 8. Of the eight re-positioning strategies that you marked as MOST helpful for admissions, why do you think the college should emphasize them above all?

* 9. Of the eight re-positioning strategies that you marked LEAST helpful for admissions, what do you believe is problematic and what are your suggestions?

* 10. If you have successfully described St. John's to potential students, are there any other communication points that you think ought to be included in future admissions initiatives?

* 11. How would you describe St. John's to a prospective student?

* 12. Would you be willing to share your story and insight on the SJC website? If so, please provide your name and email address.