Background & Instructions for Completing this Form

The Pennsylvania Overdose Prevention Program (POPP) is a joint initiative between the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP). POPP's goal is to enhance community-based distribution and harm reduction efforts, with a focus on reaching individuals with the greatest risk of experiencing overdose. 

The program offers multiple formulations of naloxone as well as drug checking strips designed to detect xylazine and fentanyl at no cost to individuals and organizations across Pennsylvania.

NOTE: Until further notice, PCCD will not be able to process additional requests for intramuscular naloxone. We are working with our vendor partners to process requests for these specific naloxone products that have already been submitted through the POPP Request Form and will be in touch with requesting organizations on next steps. This change does not affect requests for intranasal naloxone OR drug checking strips as they have different contracts/vendors.

Currently available products include: 

- Naloxone: 4mg intranasal (Narcan); 8mg intranasal (Kloxxado) (Intranasal naloxone comes in quantities of 12 kits/24 doses per case.)
Fentanyl Test Strips (FTS): BTNX; DanceSafe (100 FTS per box)
Xylazine Test Strips (XTS): BTNX (100 XTS per box); DanceSafe (25 XTS per box)

This POPP Request Form can be used to request a supply of naloxone and/or drug checking strips for your organization. (NOTE: Individuals seeking a small supply for personal use are encouraged to use NEXT Distro's mail-to-home program).
Please be aware that some products require distributor approvals and may take additional time to receive. The individual identified as a primary point of contact should expect to receive outreach and updates from PCCD staff during this process.  

If you have any questions or need assistance while completing this form, please contact PCCD staff via email at