Pennsylvania Overdose Prevention Program (POPP) Recognized Entities play an important role in ensuring access to life-saving harm reduction resources by distributing and providing supplies on demand in their communities. The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) will prioritize providing recognized entities with naloxone and drug checking strips available through the POPP by reserving product to support local distribution.

Recognized Entities are responsible for serving as a point of contact for any individuals and groups within your local communities to receive naloxone, test strips, and other overdose prevention resources; implementing an outreach strategy to ensure local harm reduction access; and reporting distribution data to PCCD on a quarterly basis, among other activities. For more detailed information about responsibilities and protocols, please review page 4 of the FY 2023-24 POPP Guidelines.

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* 1. Is your organization interested in becoming a Recognized Entity?