Dear B.C. water champion/leader,

This survey is being conducted by the University of Victoria’s POLIS Water Sustainability Project as part of our ongoing practical exploration of opportunities to advance watershed governance in B.C. In particular, it builds on a previous survey and research conducted in 2015-2016, summarized in the Illumination report. 

Our surveying is intended to deepen understanding of priorities around water sustainability and the evolution of watershed governance in B.C. From the survey results, we expect to highlight trends and changes since 2015, share emerging examples of innovative and collaborative watershed decision-making, and identify priorities and needs to continue to advance watershed governance initiatives in the province.  

Thank you for contributing to this survey, we greatly appreciate your time and input. It will take about 15–20 minutes to complete depending on your responses. Please, consider a few important things while filling out the survey:
  • We want to hear your honest opinions. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Please be as clear and concise as possible so that your input can be properly analyzed. 
  • We understand that your responses are strictly your opinion and so they are not official statements on behalf of your organization or employer.
  • We respect your privacy, and your personal data will not be linked to you when analyzing the data.

This survey is divided into 3 sections:
Section 1: About you or your Organization/Department and the watersheds you work in
Section 2: Evolutions in Watershed Governance
Section 3: Priorities, Needs and Next Steps

*If you are interested in attending Watersheds 2020 forum, October 14-16 (location TBD), please provide your name and email at the end of the survey to be entered to win one of three 50% discount on the forum's registration fee. For more information about Watersheds 2020, visit 

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