1. End of Program Evaluation

At this point we know you are VERY tired of surveys, but please take your time a put some thought into your answers. The information you give us on this survey is used to report our successes and areas needing work to the agencies that either accredit or approve the nursing program. Without your thoughtful input it is difficult for us to know what changes to make to improve the program for the future.

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* Please rate the following statements regarding End of Program

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1. Students were provided with opportunities to participate in nursing program governance either through: student representation on student council and/or the advisory committee; student representatives attending faculty meetings; direct communication with faculty; direct communication with the program director
2. Students had opportunities to provide input into program process and decisions through: 1) course evaluations; 2) class discussion; and 3) clinical conferences
3. My instructors displayed professionalism in their approach to nursing and teaching.
4. My instructors treated me as an individual.
5. My instructors treated me with respect.
6. My instructors were available to assist me with classroom and laboratory learning.
7. The PN program policies are consistent with Francis Tuttle Technology Center policies.
8. The policies in the PN Student Handbook were fairly and equitably applied.
9. The PN program policies are non-discriminatory and easily accessible.
10. I had access to the support services I needed.
11. The Career Planning Center staff was knowledgeable and assisted me with the application process.
12. The Health Career Advisor (Troy Scott) was able to assist me with a variety of needs as well as provide personal support.
13. The HSC Academic Instructor (Monique Watkins) was able to assist me with my learning needs.
14. I had access to information related to job placement through e-mails and postings on the website.
15. Information about financial aid opportunities was made available to me.
16. The personnel in the financial aid area were helpful and able to answer my questions regarding financial aid.
17. The learning resources and technology I needed were available to me.
18. I was oriented on Canvas, Examsoft, and the other computer programs I used in the program.
19. I received the assistance and support I needed when using technology resources.
20. The program was presented in a logical order and became more complex as I went along.
21. The end-of-program student learning outcomes were used to guide my instruction and learning activities.
22. Learning and progress were measured using a variety of evaluation tools and methods (Tests, Assignments, Skills, etc,) that were based on end-of-program student learning outcomes.
23. The program presented a broad range of cultural, ethnic, and social topics.
24. The physical facilities (classrooms, labs, common areas) were adequate to meet my learning needs.
25. Overall, I am satisfied with the nursing program.
26. I would recommend this program to others.