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Please think about each statement, be honest, and add written comments that help explain any “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree” ratings. (All submissions are anonymous.)

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Textbook and other resources supported the LAP assignments and activities.
Various teaching methods were used in class to facilitate learning (Examples: presentations, group activities, projects, demonstrations, self-directed study, etc.).
Student participation and questions were encouraged.
Course description and objectives were understandable.
LAP assignments and activities were useful in learning the material.
Test questions pertained to the LAP objectives, curriculum content, and the reading assignments.
Online and in-class learning environments complimented each other and were supportive in learning the material.
Technology used in the course was adequate and support was available, as needed.
Canvas was easy to use and the information provided was useful in learning the material.
Classroom and/or the skills lab environment was conducive to learning.