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I'm gathering research for my Masters thesis on the impact of a mother leaving after the divorce. A substantial amount of research tells of the impact on the children when a father leaves, but very little, if any, speaks to when the mother leaves. Your thoroughness and honesty is greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you helping to shed light on this very important, but overlooked issue. 

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* 5. Do you identify with any of the following religions? (Please select all that apply.)

* 6. Were you raised without your mother present after the divorce?

* 7. Please enter your age when your mother left after the divorce?

* 8. How did your mother leaving your home after the divorce affect you at that time?

* 9. Please describe how you were affected by your mother leaving after the divorce.

* 10. How has your mother leaving continued to affected you in adulthood?

* 11. Please describe how your mother's leaving has affected you in adulthood?

* 12. How would you describe your current relationship with your mother?

* 13. Please explain your answer to Question #12.

* 14. Which parent has the greater impact when leaving?

* 15. Please explain your answer to question #15

* 16. Regarding the impact on the children, do you believe there is a difference between the father leaving or the mother leaving after a divorce?