We’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to complete our short survey. This helps us provide the best service we can and shows our funders how we serve the community.

Please note: when answering the questions, 1 star = strongly disagree, and 5 stars = strongly agree. 

* 1. The Help Sheets are in plain language and the information is presented clearly.

* 2. The Help Sheets cover a range of topics that are relevant to people with disabilities and/or the people who assist them. 

* 3. I and/or people at my organization will use the Help Sheets. They are beneficial for people with disabilities. 

* 4. The Help Sheets have given me/my organization a better understanding of the topics covered including how to access disability benefits and the rules, regulations and policy on disability programs.

* 5. I am better able to serve my clients and/or help myself because of the Help Sheets. 

* 6. The Help Sheets help me and/or people at my organization to be well informed and up-to-date about disability programs. 

* 7. Please enter any additional comments.

* 8. Name and/or name of organization.