Questionnaire on Layerthorpe: welcome

In the summer of 2015 a page about 'Lost Layerthorpe' on the York Stories website began to gather many comments - memories of the area from people who had lived there in the mid-20th century until the demolition of the terraced streets. Those comments inspired the setting up of an accompanying website, the Layerthorpe Project (

This questionnaire is associated with that project.

I'm particularly interested in the context and background of the changes in the Layerthorpe area: the demolition of the terraced housing (should it have been retained and modernised, perhaps?), the break-up of the community, the removal of local families to housing elsewhere. I'd like to know more about what this process was like for those who remember it, and to include some of your thoughts here on this website.

If you lived in the Layerthorpe area in the 20th century before the dramatic changes in that part of York I'd be grateful if you could have a look at the questions below and share your memories and thoughts. 

If you had older relatives who lived in the area and passed on memories or stories about it I'd also welcome your responses to the questions below, on their behalf.

None of the answers are compulsory, apart from the consent for your comments to be published on these pages, so please just fill in what you can.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to reading your answers. If you have any questions please email me on or contact me via Twitter on @YorkStories.

Lisa @YorkStories