Title II is used by states and districts across the country to support critical professional learning for educators and administrators. The U.S. Congress and the Administration are determining right now what the funding level should be for Title II, the only federal dollars supporting educator professional learning. We need your help in telling Congress not only how important these funds are but the impact they are having in your schools, districts and states.

Please complete this short survey to tell us how the money is used in your schools and district and the results you are seeing. (i.e. Have you seen an increase in teacher retention? A change in student test scores or graduation rates? Schools coming off the In Need of Improvement list? Any other data that you can share that shows impact.) We will use these stories to inform Congress about why this program should be fully funded. Feel free to share this link with colleagues who may also have information to offer.

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* 1. What is your school system (name, city, state)?