1. Directions

According to Webster's dictionary, accountability is the "obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's own actions." The purpose of this survey is to evaluate how accountability is perceived and it is not solely limited to your own accountability. You will be asked to provide some demographic information in questions 1-9. In questions 10-13, please respond to the statements by selecting the choice that best describes how you perceive your peers', your manager's, your direct reports', and your own level of accountability.

The following are the definitions for the key relationships you are asked to evaluate. "Peers" are defined as having the same or similar level of responsibility as you in the organization and reporting to same manager as you. "Direct reports" are individuals who report to you and whose work performance you monitor. "Manager" is the person you report to and who monitors your work performance.

This fourteen question survey is being sent to senior level executives at Fortune 500 companies and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All responses will be treated confidentially and findings will be reported anonymously. The findings will be submitted for possible publication. At the conclusion of the survey, the findings will be shared with you. Kindly complete the survey by Friday, August 15, 2008. Below please find instructions for either manual or electronic completion of the survey. Thank you for your participation.

Electronic Submission/Completion
To access the survey at any time, please go to the following website www.accountabilitysurvey.org, which should also be indicated in the letter you received. The survey cannot be partially saved and finished at a later time, so please allow sufficient time to answer all questions and submit during one session. The icon at the bottom of the screen "Next" will allow you to advance through subsequent screens.

Manual Completion
If you are more comfortable completing the answers offline, you may complete the enclosed survey and mail it directly to Jeanne M. Egan at address provided.

Thank you for your participation! Please contact Jeanne M. Egan at jeanne.egan@chsli.org or 516-562-6908 if you have any questions.

* 1. Please type the survey identification number that was provided to you.

* 2. Gender

* 3. Age

* 4. Please select the discipline that best describes your role in your corporation.

* 5. Please select the category or categories that best describes the industry you are working in.

* 6. How many people do you have directly reporting to you?

* 7. Please indicate the number of years (tenure) you have worked at your present company.

* 8. Please indicate the number of years you have been in your current position at your organization.

* 9. Please select the description that most closely matches the title associated with the people directly reporting to you.

* 14. How do you think accountability could be made a stronger core aspect in the daily workplace?