Thank you for your willingness to provide guidance to the AFCC Parenting Coordination Guideline Revision Task Force. The purpose of the survey is to introduce the Draft Revised Guidelines for Parenting Coordination and to elicit your comments and suggestions. The Task Force has been working for nearly two years to gather information from jurisdictions across the globe about the practice of parenting coordination and to incorporate data from the social science and legal literature to update the original AFCC PC Guidelines (2005).

To access the Draft Guidelines, simply click the link, then proceed through the survey and make your comments on the sections you wish to address. Please note that the document includes an Overview Section, Definitions, the Guidelines, and Training Modules. We suggest you make your comments in a Word document and then cut and paste your comments in the survey monkey form. We invite you to include your name and email address in the event the Task Force has additional questions about your comments or suggestions.

Please respond with your comments no later than Friday, March 29. Many of you responded to two previous surveys sent by this Task Force and your feedback was enormously helpful. We hope you will take the time to assist us again so that revisions to the AFCC PC Guidelines may accurately reflect the current state of PC practice and provide the most useful guidance for professionals. Thank you, in advance, for your invaluable input and commitment to helping children and families around the globe.

Debra K. Carter, Ph.D.
Chair, AFCC Parenting Coordination Guideline Revision Task Force

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